A journey is best
measured in friends,
than in miles.

We have travelled over 420,000 miles making
hundreds of amazing friends along the way.
Here are the sites that helped us on our journey.

We have spent much of our lives helping travellers with a taste for the finer things in life; inspiring connoisseurs with our articles, guidebooks and online postings. It is our intention to take a break soon and develop this site properly, but until that day here is a collection of our most used luxury links - select a few at random and see where you end up.

Our new books

We have two new books coming out this year. 500 Best Hotels is a round up of our absolutely favorite hotels on the planet, and the second is our new guide to Sofia Hotels. We will post details here as soon as they are released - after which we may have the time to finally develop this site as intended.


Our passion for travel would not exist were it not for all the outstanding hotels around the world that make traveling an extraordinary experience. We’ve stayed at amazing ones, mediocre ones and some downright lemons. Luckily, through experience, many recommendations from our extensive network of fellow travelers and pure trial and error, we can recommend the one’s worth booking.

The top notch hotels and resorts are not difficult to choose as although a few set the standards, many excel at offering an unforgettable experience, and you tend to get what you pay for. It is the middle bracket, more affordable although still highly regarded hotels ideal for family and business travel where recommendations count for a lot. There are many properties and unfortunately the traditional star grading system is not sufficient to allow one to blindly choose a particular 4 star property over another. We therefore set forth to produce a great guide which includes all the premium top hotels and resorts as well as the one’s that deserve a commendable mention but are often overshadowed by their grander competitors.


The journey is the reward. Although the application of this quote may be somewhat misplaced in this context, the journey certainly can make or break a holiday experience. Our goal is to make the travel as much a pleasant part of the holiday as the destination itself. We have endeavored to recommend the best airlines; private and commercial, travel companies, chauffeur and car hire agents, yacht charters and even concierge companies that can sort all the nitty gritty out on your behalf if time is of the essence.

A bit on the side

Many of us are genuine foodies. We could not imagine an adventure complete without tucking into the local fare. Part of our guide will include little known restaurants, cafes, producers and places we have enjoyed over the years which are unmissable.

Book with Millennium Hotels

Check out the latest deals with Millennium Hotels. If you book through this link we get a small commission which helps us save up to develop this service. Thank you in advance. Click here for hotel deals.


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Times have changed and we are really now spoilt for choice.

NB Review
The Ultimate Travel Company
Abercrombie Kent
Elegant Resorts
Black Tomato
Net Jets Europe
Cox and Kings
Cazenove and Loyd
London Hotels
Voyage Prive
Urbane Nomads
Unique Concierge
Orient Express
Steppes Travel

When in a rush we also have often relied on these concierge services:

Concierge de Luxe
VIP Martini
Paragon Elite
White Concierge
Millionaire Concierge
Bon Vivant
10 Lifestyle


Until the launch of the book, our membership is restricted to our contributors and clients. In future, we shall open this up on a tiered system allowing privileged select member access as well as an open platform to one and all to to benefit from our fantastic collection of travel tips, recommendations and exclusive booking offers.

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We have been lucky and have been well looked after by our clients..

Chic Retreats
Tablet Hotels
Design Hotels
Exclusive Hotels
Mr and Mrs Smith
Unique Home Stays
Leading Hotels of the World
Resorts Great Hotels
Small Luxury Hotels of the World
London Hotels
Travel and Leisure
Travel Intelligence
Luxury Explorer
Wallpaper Travel
Great Hotels of the World
Drake and Cavendish
Luxe Hotels
Preferred Hotels

Last but not least

Some of us have become parents, couples, singletons and so on since we started and as such, our travel requirements have changed significantly over the years. We have included detailed information to help you make an informed decision on where to stay and how to get there depending on what your requirements are (this includes a hotly debated category: wi-fi accessibility for those of us who remain plugged in even on holiday).

See you soon.